"Purple Rain"

Powertex wax and craquelé

Do you like painting with exciting structures?

Then this workshop is something for you!

New Powerwax, water-based wax white in color, solid texture and dry well transparent. Gives a beautiful and surprising finish.

In this workshop, I will show you the appearance of a painting. From the beginning to the end, I choose for a different color than the standard colors Powertex. But you can of course make this painting in any color.

Go play with different types of structures, Stone Art, Easy structure and 3D Sand

Make your own craquelé paste in 2 different ways.

Finish with Powerwax.

What can you expect?

  • Working with color
  • How to make textures
  • Stone Art technique
  • Working with Bister
  • Make craquelé paste in 2 different ways with 2 different craquelé
  • Working with Powertex wax 
  • Different video's, for each tehnique there is a separate video. So you can find the steps back.

Materialen gebruikt in deze workshops

  • Powertex red, blue, ivory and black
  • Powerwax
  • Bister black and mahogany
  • Powertex 3D Sand, Easy structure, Easy coat mat, Easy 3DFlex en Stone Art
  • Canvas 30x30cm

Extra needed

  • Paletknife
  • Sponge
  • Painting roller
  • Soft cloth to polish the wax

online workshops give me extra knowlage of Powertex when I can not travel on workshops. It is there for me to use whenever I need to and have the time to use it. Gives me the pleasure to work even more with Powertex. More fun

 Kjertsi Matre 
Powertex trainster of Norway

Marion Linnenbank from Powertex opleidingen

Since 2000, I have been teaching workshops in my own studio in De Rijp (Noord-Holland) first several creative courses, but for 10 years only in Powertex. And I am the train the trainster of the Netherlands. I still invest myself by learning new techniques from Brigitte Grade artist and owner of Powertex.