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E-book Powertex techniques

In this e-book "Powertex techniques", you find all the Powertex techniques together in one place! Including links to short videos about the techniques.

Available in English!

Special thanks to Regine Dossche for translation into English

The possibilities of Powertex are endless, that's the power of Powertex, as well the trap! So much techniques and so many products.

Would you like to a reference, so you can check every time?

Therefore this e-book with all the techniques Powertex, with a bonus. Almost all techniques are also a short video for additional information. The video's are in Dutch but there are written English words, so you cane easy understand it.

This book has 25 pages

For only 12,95 euro! 

How  does it work and what is an E-book?

When you click on the order button you reach the cash desk

You can pay in different ways.

After payment click the button that you receive with your invoice, then you get the link to download the book.

Download the book or tablet computer

You can also print the book

In the book you will find links to 10 short art videos.

Marion verzorgt sinds het begin alle gecertificeerde Powertex opleidingen in Nederland ze heeft zodoende een enorme bagage en ervaring in het gebruik van Powertex. Je kan met deze cursus van thuis uit leren werken met Powertex. Als je alles over Powertex wil leren ben je hier aan het juiste adres.

  Brigitte GradeOwner of Powertex

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